Line up fruits and win big at BerryBURST and BerryBURST MAX on Casumo

In 2018, you can find a slots game based on just about anything. From medieval-themed reels to ones based deep in the African jungle, there is one available for just about any interest group these days.

Some of us just want to play a classic fruit machine, though. This can be tough on some sites, but not on Casumo. Recently, they brought aboard BerryBURST and BerryBURST MAX, sister titles created by Netent.

Simple in its composition, they have chosen to cast aside the pretense of fancier games and focus on what manners – lining up grapes and hitting huge slot jackpots.

We’ll expand more on these games below.

What does this game involve?

Composed of five reels each, the object of BerryBURST and BerryBURST MAX is simple: string together lines of oranges, grapes, berries, and card symbols like clubs and diamonds, and win tons of cash.

Adding to the excitement is a hallmark of the modern slots game: the wildcard scatter symbol. When these hit, they can turn a respectable spin into a massive one. What’s more, they can stack, creating the potential for up to x3,000 wins on BerryBURST and x6,000 wins on BerryBURST MAX.

Have fun, and good luck!

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