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When we first find a game we like, it’s like a love affair. We play it every day without fail. Over time, though, its replay value fades, with sessions becoming less frequent.

It’s true with casino games such as blackjack as it is with console games. Unlike Nintendo, however, the owners of casino sites need us to play regularly. As a result, they occasionally toss juicy promotions our way to entice us to play more often.

As attractive as they sound, there’s always a catch. Some ask us to re-deposit. Others oblige us to play certain games to unlock cash. While some may offer a decent return, the effort required dissuades some from even trying.

If you are a part of the latter group, you’ll want to log into 888 on May 1st. Why? We’ll explain below.

What does this promotion involve?

On May 1st, 888Casino will award money to 26 lucky players. What special feat do they need to pull off? Showing up. That’s all.

Log on to 888Casino between 8:00 pm, April 30 to 7:59 pm, May 1, Eastern Time, to win $8-$188. If you are one of the fortunate few, you’ll be notified immediately after logging on.

To be clear, this is bonus cash. However, when you consider the minimal effort needed to secure it, it may as well be free money. So, will we see you on 888Casino on the 1st?

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