Hate bad beats? Get compensated for them on Bodog

Poker has amassed a significant following over the years. It’s not hard to understand why, as it is one of the few casino games where you can profit in the long run. Because you are gambling against other people and not the casino, it is possible to make money consistently.

It isn’t an easy racket, though – for weeks or months, you can play optimally, yet still lose due to a bad run of cards. In the midst of these streaks, nothing will upset you more than the dreaded bad beat.

This is why so many real-world casinos have bad beat jackpots. They keep you playing when you would otherwise quit. Most online poker rooms don’t have these bonuses – but Bodog does.

Learn more about it below.

What do I need to know about this promotion?

When you have a full house, Aces over Kings or better, and you lose, you may be eligible for Bodog’s bad beat bonus.

So long as three players or more were dealt into the hand, and the winning and losing hands were made using both hole cards, you’ll qualify for a bonus that is 1,000x the big blind. However, it must be claimed within 48 hours – to do this, contact Bodog customer service with the hand and table numbers.

The amount is NOT automatically credited to your account – it must be done manually. With that, we hope you run well at the tables – if you don’t, we hope you win the big blind bonus!

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