Casumo: putting the fun back in casino gaming since 2012

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While online gaming platforms feel slightly different from each other, most have that feel we associate with casinos. This theme doesn’t appeal to everybody, though – Casumo understood this, so they built their platform for these folks.

Clean, easy to read, and with a fun atmosphere, Casumo is an inviting site. They didn’t stop at a cleaner design, however – they gamified the experience of online gambling. Below, we’ll explain how you can earn amazing bonuses simply by playing on their platform.

What’s so special about Casumo?

After opening an account with Casumo, you get a magic egg. Soon after, it’ll hatch, giving you a character known as a ‘Casumo’. As you play casino games on the site, you’ll earn experience, represented by a power bar.

When it fills, you get prizes like no-strings cash, deposit bonuses, and free spins. Every so often, your ‘Casumo’ will gain a level, giving him a better belt. When this happens, you’ll get better rewards every time your power bar maxes out.

Finally, unlocking specific achievements will earn you trophies. For instance, you’ll get one the first time you win three spins in a row. They don’t have a function right now, but the site hasn’t ruled out creating one in the future.

If you’re looking for a fun gaming experience filled with prizes, give Casumo a go. You never know what you might win!

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