Love slots? Give a Rizk Race a try.

The simplicity of slots is what draws so many players to them. All you need to do is determine your wager, pull the lever, and hope the reels fall your way.

Yet, there are drawbacks to loving this game. Unlike poker, there is a competitive element missing – nothing is present that really gets your adrenaline flowing (unless you hit a giant spin). Slot tournaments aim to fix this by attaching point values to wins and losses, and by imposing a time limit.

All of a sudden, every spare second counts. There are many formats of this game across the web, but we have taken a liking to Rizk Races lately.

What is the big deal about these slot tourneys? Find out more below.

What is this promo all about?

A Rizk Race is a short slot tournament, ranging between 25 to 55 minutes in length. Like others in the industry, players compete to finish atop the leaderboard by scoring points. In Rizk Races, this is done by amassing wins, big wins, win streaks, and losing streaks.

Each race has a limited amount of spins that can be used to win the tournament and a minimum bet that must be risked in order for a spin to count. If you finish in the top 5-10 at the end of play, you win either free spins, super spins, or up to €1,000.

And, that’s it! No complex strategy to remember – just get your spins in before time is up for your chance to end up in the winner’s circle.

Give it a shot today and spice up your spins!

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