Spin to win big prizes on Casumo’s new live wheel game

Most of us grew up watching Wheel of Fortune. Half the thrill was watching the ticker fly around the wheel, cheering it on to hit the big money slots or prizes, and gasping when it settled on ‘Bankrupt’.

Flash forward to the present. Many online gaming sites have come up with their own wheel games to complement their blackjack, roulette, and poker offerings. Yet, the digital variant of this game loses the most energy compared to the real world version.

Thankfully, with improvements in broadband internet in recent years, it has become realistic for online gambling providers to stream live casino games, where a host interacts with gamers all around the world as they place their bets.

In addition to live casino offerings of blackjack and roulette, sites like Casumo have introduced live wheel games as well. Recently, this platform added Topwheel Treasures to its lineup. Let’s talk about it a bit more below.

How do I play this game?

After logging onto Casumo, find Topwheel Treasures under the ‘Live Casino’ tab. Once loaded, you’ll have six numbers to bet on: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. Soon after, your entertaining host will spin a wheel divided into 54 equal segments. 52 have numbers assigned to them, while the last two are 2x and 7x multipliers.

If it lands on your number, you win. If it lands on the multiplier, the host will spin the wheel again, and wherever it lands, the win will be doubled – or it will be increased sevenfold.

Exciting, right? We know – so go play it and make the most of your evening!

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