Protect your bankroll: sign up for cashback on PartyCasino

For every massive heater you’ve gone on, there are days where you can’t buy a win online. You know the feeling: 50 spins without a significant win, three dealer blackjacks in a row, it lands on red when you bet black (and vice versa).

The best online casinos have your back when this happens. That’s why they offer bonuses: to give you a chance to earn money when the games aren’t paying. However, some of these promotions can be complex, or they come with strings attached.

PartyCasino’s cashback program is a refreshing one for this reason alone. Find out more about this lifesaving promotion below.

How does this promotion work?

Cashback programs already exist in the wider economy. From credit cards that give you a portion of every transaction back to loyalty programs that get you points as you buy things like groceries or gasoline, it all adds up to a significant sum over time.

PartyCasino’s cashback scheme operates the same way: every bet you make on the site gets you a portion of your bet back in cash. From as little as 0.05% on video poker machines to as much as 0.5% for every spin taken on a jackpot slot, these small sums pile up like coins in a change jar.

Sound like a cool way to preserve your bankroll? To sign up, all you have to do is hit the ‘opt-in’ switch at the top of the page after logging into PartyCasino. That’s it!

With that, we hope you run well this weekend – if you don’t, at least you’ll still have a little something built up on the side.

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