Make your dream trip happen: win it on LeoVegas this September

Ever caught yourself daydreaming about the trip you wish you could take, but lack the funds to make happen? Let’s face it: budgeting is hard. Having the discipline to stick to said plan: harder still.

Fortunately, there are plenty of contests which offer an easy way to make our travel dreams a reality. If you’re reading this, internet gaming is likely a hobby of yours.

What if you could earn a trip to see Petra or the Taj Mahal simply by playing hands of blackjack or by playing your favourite slots game?

This is what LeoVegas is offering gamers. Time is short, so read on below for the details.

What is this promotion all about?

Until the 16th of September, the online casino LeoVegas is holding draws that will award the grand prize winner the opportunity to visit one of seven featured world wonders.

How do you earn entries? Simple – all you have to do is one of two things. First, sign into LeoVegas on a mobile device. You can earn one entry per day by performing this simple act.

Second, for every $100 in bets that you make on LeoVegas, you will earn an additional entry for the weekly draw. That means serious gamers will have a greater probability of winning the big prize.

Finally, there is more at stake than dream trips. 11 tickets will be pulled per draw – those in 2nd to 11th place will win $1,000 each!

If you don’t have anything major going on the next two weeks, now is an excellent time to grind up a bankroll on LeoVegas.

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