The Spin Palace Loyalty Club – a VIP program for the rest of us

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  • automatic enrolment in their loyalty club
  • free 500 point welcome bonus
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The wealthy live in a world that is increasingly separated from the masses. They don’t live in the same neighbourhoods. They go to different parties than us. Even in online gaming, the difference is stark – many sites have VIP programs that only admit the wealthiest high-rollers.

As you play on these platforms, it’s easy to feel like a second class citizen. Those inside the velvet rope get insanely generous bonuses, while those outside get the mediocre ones.

Fortunately, sites like Spin Palace still places value on hard work. Their VIP program starts everyone off as equals – check out the details below.

What is the Spin Palace Loyalty Club?

Every player on Spin Palace casino is a member of the Spin Palace Loyalty Club from Day 1. Everyone starts their journey with 500 loyalty points, giving everyone a 20% head start towards becoming a Silver member.

As you climb Spin Palace’s loyalty ladder, the rewards escalate. For instance, Gold members earn more lucrative bonuses, while Platinum players can access VIP support around the clock. Get to Privé, and you’ll gain access to parties far beyond anything you’ve ever experienced.

How do you earn loyalty points? Every €10 wagered will get you one point. Players can redeem 1,000 loyalty points for €10. As you can see, even if you don’t get to the higher levels, this program still has its benefits.

If you’re tired of being treated like a rube, join Spin Palace and start earning Loyalty Points today!

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